Monday, April 22, 2013

Retraction notice to “Design of artificial neural networks for rotor dynamics analysis of rotating machine systems” [Mechatronics 15/5 (2005) 573–588]

Available online 19 April 2013
Refers To
This article has been retracted: please see Elsevier Policy on Article Withdrawal (
This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief.
The article is a duplicate of a paper that has already been published in Journal of Rotating Machinery 2003, 9(4), 255–262. One of the conditions of submission of a paper for publication is that authors declare explicitly that the paper is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. As such this article represents a severe abuse of the scientific publishing system. The scientific community takes a very strong view on this matter and apologies are offered to readers of the journal that this was not detected during the submission process.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RETRACTION: “Homotopy perturbation method to obtain exact special solutions with solitary patterns for Boussinesq-like B(m,n) equations with fully nonlinear dispersion”

[J. Math. Phys. 50, 023510 (2009)] 

Ahmet Yıldırım

Department of Mathematics, Science Faculty, Ege University, 35100 Bornova-İzmir, Turkey

(Received 15 August 2012; accepted 17 August 2012; published online 20 September 2012)
The Editor wishes to retract the article1 because extensive passages in it, including results claimed to be new, are identical to material in a previously published paper by Yonggui Zhu.2 The author has not agreed to this retraction.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter of retraction. Diagnostic and prognostic validity of Golgi protein 73 in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Department of Gastroenterology, School of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.
We regret to inform you that the criticism raised by the Editorial Board is correct concerning the similarity between some parts of the texts present in our article published in Digestion [2011; 83: 83–88], and the papers in the Journal of Hepatology [2005; 43: 1007–1012] and in Hepatology [2009; 49: 1421–1423], although the research data are completely independent.
We apologize for this unfortunate error, which was established during the writing process of the manuscript by the author Harun Erdal. Although the final version of the submitted paper had been examined by all authors, they failed to recognize the ‘transferred parts’ of the papers in the Journal of Hepatology [2005; 43: 1007–1012] and in Hepatology [2009; 49: 1421–1423]. Thus, for the sake of scientific clarity and based on the above-mentioned facts, we prefer to retract our paper Diagnostic and Prognostic Validity of Golgi Protein 73 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Digestion 2011; 83: 83–88 (DOI:10.1159/000320379).
The plagiarized paper from the Journal of Hepatology was this one: “GP73, a resident Golgi glycoprotein, is a novel serum marker for hepatocellular carcinoma;” the one from Hepatology was an editorial: “Golgi protein 73 as a biomarker of hepatocellular cancer: Development of a quantitative serum assay and expression studies in hepatic and extrahepatic malignancies.”