Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This article has been retracted at the request of one of the authors and the Chief Editor.

RETRACTED: A methodology for constructing multicriteria decision support systems for agricultural land consolidation using GIS and API: an illustration from Turkey
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 36, Issue 1, October 2002, Pages 55-78

A. K. Yaldir and T. Rehman

Reason: This article was derived from a doctoral thesis of Mr A Yaldir, for which he had worked under my supervision and which he had presented as original work. Professor Keller from the University of Victoria, Canada, notified me that the article (and by implication Mr Yaldir's thesis also) had been drawn very heavily from Strapp, J. (1992). A Spatial Decision Support System for Land Consolidation. Unpublished MSc thesis. Department of Geography, University of Victoria, Canada, which I had not previously seen.

An internal investigation into the allegation that Mr Yaldir had committed plagiarism in his thesis was undertaken by the Standing Committee on Academic Misconduct of the University of Reading and appropriate measures have been taken.

I therefore retract this article [with the agreement of the Editors-in-Chief] and request that the publishers of Computers and Electronics in Agriculture place this notice in the journal. I offer unreserved apology to Mr Strapp and to the Editors-in-Chief and the publishers.

Dr. Tahir Rehman, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, The University of Reading, New Agricultural Building, Earley Gate, PO Box 237, Reading RG6 6AR, UK.