Sunday, January 16, 2011

Urgent Announcement From the Editor-in-Chief

Hiroaki Shimokawa MD, PhD
Circulation Journal
The editorial team of Circulation Journal recently confirmed that the manuscript written by Halil Tanriverdi et al, published in the June 2006 issue of Circulation Journal (Circ J 2006; 70: 737 – 743), was a duplicate publication of their previously published paper (Respiration 2006; 73: 741 – 750).
Halil Tanriverdi, Harun Evrengul, Asuman Kaftan, Cuneyt Orhan Kara, Omur Kuru, Seyhan Tanriverdi, Sibel Ozkurt, Ender Semiz.
Effect of obstructive sleep apnea on aortic elastic parameters: Relationship to left ventricular mass and function. Circ J 2006; 70: 737 – 743.

Halil Tanriverdi, Harun Evrengul, Cuneyt Orhan Kara, Omur Kuru, Seyhan Tanriverdi, Sibel Ozkurt, Asuman Kaftan, Mustafa Kilic. Aortic stiffness, flow-mediated dilatation and carotid intima-media thickness in obstructive sleep apnea: Non-invasive indicators of atherosclerosis. Respiration 2006; 73: 741 – 750.
This is an obvious violation of the following “Instructions to Authors”:
Submission of a manuscript to the Circulation Journal implies that the article is original and that no portion (including figures or tables) is under consideration elsewhere or has been previously published in any form other than as an abstract. Previous publication includes publishing as a component of symposia, proceedings, transactions, books (or chapters), articles published by invitations or reports of any kind, as well as in electronic data bases of a public nature.

Therefore, we have decided to retract the paper from Circulation Journal.
As Editor-in-Chief, I regret the time that peer reviewers and others spent evaluating this paper.
I sincerely hope and trust that there will be no repetition of this kind in the future.